The old vocabulary of segmenting, targeting and reaching consumers has given way to listening, engaging and sharing. Taylor understands this dynamic, and we work with our client partners to capture the imagination of the digital consumer – which means all of us.


We forge strong emotional bonds between brands and their consumers by leveraging the immediacy and pervasiveness of the digital medium. By engaging audiences across a variety of digital, mobile and social media platforms we encourage brand participation, generate buzz, identify influencers, impact sales and drive loyalty.

Consumers today create content, share experiences and consume media through a variety of online and mobile platforms. This dynamic engagement continues to evolve and has not only changed the way we communicate but how we all, as consumers, engage with the brands and products that we love…and dislike.

Taylor’s Digital Strategy Group brings unrivaled strategic expertise and creativity to the social media space. We closely monitor and continuously provide our point of view on relevant and emerging digital trends. This ensures our client partners have their fingers squarely on the pulse of the multi-tasking, always-connected consumer and, when appropriate, we incorporate those trends into their integrated marketing communications programs.

Whether it’s blogging or micro-blogging, Smartphone apps or location-based services, video sharing communities or social networks, we understand that it’s not about any one tool or platform but about creating and fostering the right digital experiences that are most relevant to a client partner’s brand and its audience.