Output and Outcome

While the marketing channels which lead to consumer engagement are ever-changing, the need for accurate and relevant measurement of marketing results remains constant. Brands must be able to measure and derive insight from their marketing efforts. Competition, a myriad of new communications channels and an ever-changing consumer are forcing brands to evaluate initiatives more quickly than ever before and make changes on the fly.

The key outputs of measurement and evaluation, defined during the Discovery phase of our Brand Planning process, are what we call PPIs – Program Performance Indicators. These are the tangible metrics we and our client partners will use at the end of a campaign to measure success.

Taylor is committed to using the best available tools for tracking media results and consumer activity in real-time. As part of this commitment, we evaluate emerging measurement technologies on a regular basis and incorporate these into the programs we execute whenever appropriate. We marry the right tools with sophisticated analysis to provide our client partners with the information and insight they need to assess the true business building impact of their programs.

Measurement of digital and social media is a vital component of our approach. We utilize the latest, best-of-class tools to monitor the effectiveness of these channels. We believe, however, that the key to gauging the true impact of digital and social media depends less on having the right tools than on asking the right questions. We work closely with our client partners at every stage of a campaign to ensure that they have an accurate picture of the digital conversation taking place around a brand.