A Path to Growth

As part of our commitment to provide a culture of learning in which there is an organic exchange of information/knowledge, we have launched a company-wide formal mentoring program, Evolve. Taylor places great value on every employee’s individual ability and responsibility to be the best professional they can be. Evolve provides an opportunity for employees to share professional and personal skills and experiences in a one-on-one relationship through knowledge sharing, encouragement, networking and development.

There are many benefits that exist for both the organization and those that participate in Evolve.

For Taylor, some of the benefits include:

  • Improved knowledge transfer
  • Improved individual performance, management acumen and skills
  • Increased growth opportunities and retention

For the participants of the mentorship program, the benefits include:

  • Improved personal and professional performance
  • Improved training and leadership skills
  • An opportunity to gain insights into the organizational culture
  • An opportunity to identify and develop competencies such as career management, effective networking, and written or oral communication

Throughout the year, mentees work with their mentors, including Managing Partners, who provide them with invaluable insights to reach their individual goals.