Transformation at Taylor

In July of 2004, Taylor introduced a bold new vision that aligned the company with a select and enviable roster of the world’s leading consumer brands. That vision helped drive the transformation of Taylor from a sports-oriented public relations agency to a brand counselor and marketing communications partner for Allstate, Capital One, Coca-Cola, Diageo, Gillette, Kimberly-Clark, Mars, MasterCard, NASCAR, and Procter & Gamble, among others.

In February 2010, The Holmes Report, one of the marketing communications industry’s most respected media organizations, selected Taylor as Consumer Agency of the Decade based on its steadfast commitment to this vision and its ability to realize true organizational change.

Paul Holmes, publisher of The Holmes Report said, “The public relations industry is undergoing an incredible transformation, playing a more central role in brand and business-building for its clients, and Taylor is at the forefront of that revolution. Taylor is building deeper, more meaningful relationships with the biggest, blue-chips brands in America. The big difference is that Taylor has been transformed into what looks a lot like the agency of the future.”

In April 2011, further recognition was bestowed upon the agency when a Harvard University Case Study, “Transformation at Taylor,” was published. Esteemed Harvard Law School professor, Dr. Ashish Nanda, and research fellow, Lisa Rohrer, prepared the case, which closely analyzes the impact of the agency’s strategic and financial performance prior to and following the Taylor management team’s bold decision in 2004 to lead organizational change.

The 25-page case study explores the critical steps taken by the Taylor managing partners to transform the agency, including:

  • Planning the Transition: 2002–2004
    • Developing a Shared Vision
    • Allocating Managing Partner Responsibilities
  • Preparing to Take Charge
    • New Leadership Team Takes the Reins: 2004
  • Applying the New Vision: 2004–2005
    • Reducing the Client Roster
    • Advancing the strategic performance
  • Refining the Model: 2006–2007
    • Investing in the Future: Infusion of Intellectual Capital
    • Becoming Strategic Advisors
  • Balancing Investment Needs in a Difficult Economy: 2008–2009
    • Staying the Course?
    • Remaining Independent?

Harvard Case Study