2011’s Brand Winners

December  22,  2011 / By Taylor Blog

One of my top 10 things to do at this time of year is to avoid writing blogs posts that list top 10 things. But the lessons in Inc. magazine’s “10 Surprising Brand Winners of 2011, are worth


sharing. These lessons are not new, and that’s what I found valuable; they affirm that the classic truisms about marketing are always true, regardless of changes in technology or media. I don’t necessarily support all these companies with my dollars, but the lessons here are timeless, worth writing on index cards, taping to your office wall and referring to throughout 2012. I’m not a fan of all of these companies, and not all get my consumer dollar, but each lesson is valuable, from “know your niche” (LinkedIn) to “products create your brand” (GM) to “don’t take yourself too seriously” (Church of the Latter Day Saints). Good thoughts all.

Happy holidays, off to buy the baccala and get soaking.

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