Taylor’s 2019 Esports Trends Report



In 2018, although the esports industry was still very much fragmented, total revenue from sponsorships, advertising, media rights, game publisher fees, and tickets/merchandise exceeded $900 million. Now, poised to generate close to $1.5 billion in revenue this year, it’s obvious esports is on a steady growth trajectory.


This explosive growth, along with an influx of investors around the globe and a variety of factors that we highlight in our 2019 Esports Trends Report, has created a very compelling environment for brands (especially those in non-endemic categories) to connect and engage with the massive esports audience.


With 2018 claiming quite a few milestones, 2019 offers even more opportunities for non-endemic consumer brand marketers to continue the steady move towards sponsoring and activating around esports. Those close to this dynamic industry are not only expecting more growth but real KPIs and measurable ROI now that there is greater stability building within the esports ecosystem.


In this trends report, we highlight how sustainable growth will be fueled by more investments from non-endemics and esports’ growing appeal to a mainstream audience. We also identify three reasons we believe 2019 will be the year of the non-endemic brand investing in esports:
1) Enhanced metrics/analytics will improve the ability to measure ROI.
2) Influencers, demographics, and storytelling will broaden and add more value to the esports audience.
3) Convergence or blending between traditional sports/entertainment and esports will continue to grow.


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