In an ever-evolving landscape, marketers are inundated on a daily basis with emerging technologies and innovative tools. From new analytics/insights software to the rapidly-evolving augmented reality space, there doesn’t seem to be a finish line for the profound amount of information that one can (and should) be absorbing in this business.

While many of us have acquired a lot of the fundamentals that we’ll need to sustain our day-to-day responsibilities from our glorious undergraduate years (We Are!), to keep up with the industry, we’ll need to continue to advance our knowledge and skill sets to fully capitalize on our daily and long-term operations (or at the very least, meet the status quo). And in today’s job market, simply having a bachelor’s degree just isn’t enough – especially in the competitive marketing sector.

And let’s face it, while not all of us can afford a $100,000 graduate education (meanwhile average student debt climbs to $29,400) or have the luxury of having their advanced education reimbursed by their companies, there are still a few financially viable (some are even FREE) tools and resources that we can leverage to further develop our industry knowledge. Below are a few of my favorite massive open online courses (MOOCs):



General Assembly



Although these courses aren’t officially “certified” by recognized institutions, majority of the courses are highly credible and provide true value being taught by experienced industry professionals (and even some Ivy League professors for pro-bono causes). In addition, since they are online, your courses are accessible anywhere you go. The ability to learn on your own time (and at your own pace) also makes it convenient for those professionals that have obligations during normal business hours (9 to 5:00 PM).

So if you’re looking to evolve your business career or maybe just wanting to touch up on your digital development acumen, take a look at these sites as a resource for your personal and professional growth.