You know the saying – “a picture’s worth a thousand words.” Of course, this phrase is meant to explain the relative ease of explaining a person’s face or lovely vista using a picture, rather than trying to describe it in writing or speech.

You know, how do you put this…

…into words?

But it seems to me are becoming more and more important to us.

You’ve seen the infographics everywhere. When Warby Parker, an eyewear store, issued its 2011 annual report in infographic form, it was passed around, shared and commented on with vigor. Think the general public cared much about their 2010 annual report? I doubt it. The pictures’ worth? Certainly a lot of words – but more importantly, reader attention.


When I recently ordered some stationary from and received a personalized note from the graphic designer who created it, it was accompanied by a photo of her. Yes, I read the note she wrote, and I sure felt glad to have bought her work. The picture’s worth in this case? A personal connection to the brand.

And think about Pinterest, the social networking site that’s growing in leaps and bounds. What is it? Simply put, it’s a place for you to save and share pictures. Yes, the are links – but you couldn’t convince me in a thousand years that it would be as successful if “pins” were links instead of than eye-catching images. These photos’ worth? Liking, linking, sharing.

So is a picture still worth a thousand words? Yes. And so, so much more.


Photo Credits: Adweek,, Pinterest