We are Shapers of Influence.

Taylor is an agency of creative thinkers that specializes in brand building through conversation.

The way we see the world defines how we work. To us, everything is alive and interconnected. It’s personal… people, connections, dynamics, relationships, nuances — not solely assets, activations and algorithms. Taylor zeros in on a brand’s context in culture and its relevance over time. Coupled with category mastery, this is what enables us to put brands into culture with authenticity and authority.

We do this for the world’s leading brands with an integrated team across all marketing disciplines. Whether it’s developing strategy, building powerful brand narratives, crafting insight-driven creative, producing content or engaging the media, everything we produce is designed to inspire, incite, and shape conversation for the benefit of our client partners, their customers and stakeholders.

Taylor shapes a brand’s relevance in culture — one conversation at a time.

Some of the Taylor team