It’s playoff time – a time when avid fans become even more engaged in the sport they love.

Making up approximately 30% of general population overall – NFL avid fans are those ‘very interested’ in watching and following NFL. Though they skew male by a 2 to 1 margin, 82% report they are the primary grocery shopper in their household.

Overall, these fans can have quite an impact on the brand’s bottom line: half of all avid fans say they are very likely to purchase that sponsor the NFL, and more than half have purchased brands specifically because of their sponsorships (56%), either all the time (28%) or sometime, but not all the time (28%).

In-store tactics such as BOGO, bundling and coupons definitely entice these buyers at the shelf (38% and 37%, respectively, ‘make me likely to buy’).  However, avid fans are nearly as likely to say getting closer to the game by offering NFL tickets or experiences, promotions or contests that get them closer to their favorite team (33% and 32%) will also make them ‘likely to buy’.

Brands can also cultivate a stronger emotional relationship with these fans: nearly 3 in 5 avid NFL fans agree that they think more favorably of brands that sponsor the NFL (56%) and nearly 5 in 10 are talking to their friends about the brands that sponsor the NFL.

As brands are looking to make more meaningful connections with today’s marketing inundated and savvy consumers, support of something they hold dear proves a powerful way to speak to them at the shelves, and NFL fans are no exception.



Source: TolunaQuick survey fielded December 11-12. A total of 117 respondents answered several questions related to the NFL and sponsorship. Respondents had to be ‘very interested’ in the NFL and do at least some household shopping.