Silver Anvil
Marketing Consumer Products/Alcoholic
Beverages (Diageo/Sterling Vineyards)
Marketing Consumer Products-Alcoholic Beverages (Guinness)
Marketing Consumer Products-Packaged Goods (Kleenex)
Reputation Brand Management (IAC
Marketing Consumer Products (Staples)

Three PRSA Skyline Awards

Allstate Guardians of the Ride program
Allstate College Football program
Allstate March Mayhem Challenge


2018 It’s a Tide Ad Campaign

1 Gold Lions, 2 Silver Lions, 2 Bronze Lions

Tide Bradshaw Stain Campaign 2017

5 Gold Lions: Promotion & Activation, Media

3 Bronze Lions: Influencer/Talent, Direct, Entertainment

4 Silver Lions: Direct, Media, Film, Integrated

Silver 2012
Best Integrated Campaign (Taco Bell)

Gold 2011
Best Integrated Campaign (P&G)

PR Lion 2009
Best Integrated Campaign (Guinness)

Hermes Platinum (Capital One)

Hermes Platinum (Dickel #1)

Hermes Platinum (Guinness-Kinkajou)

Hermes Gold (3M)

Hermes Gold (Orphan Barrel)

Hermes Gold (

Hermes Gold (Crown XO)


Bronze Telly Winner: Guinness Tortoise

Silver Telly Winner (The People’s Telly): Guinness Tortoise


Digital Awards: Viral Campaign (Taco Bell)

Digital Awards: Digital PR Campaign (Taco Bell)

Midsize Agency of the Year

Elite Awards: Consumer Marketing
(Ted Danson + Smirnoff Made in America)


Platinum: Digital Marketing/Social Campaign (P&G)

Platinum: Social Media Site/Consumer Engagement (P&G)

Gold: Digital Marketing Campaign (Nike Jordan Brand)

Outstanding Individual Achievement (Tony Signore)

Earned Media Placement (Guinness)

Sponsorship (P&G)

Beer, Wine and Spirits (Guinness)

Household Products (Kleenex)


Consumer Agency of the Decade

Strategic Agency of the Year

U.S. Agency of the Year

Midsize Agency of the Year


Sports Awards: Partnerships, Sponsorships & Endorsements, P&G, Official NFL Sponsor

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