Basketball Fever, A Spring Epidemic

March  21,  2013 / By Taylor Blog

March Madness is here! If you didn’t know that, perhaps you’ve been hiding under a rock. It’s here, and it’s everywhere. Here at Taylor, we were curious who’s paying attention, so we conducted a brief survey of adults ages 25-64 to find out.

We learned that 60 percent consider themselves college basketball fans, and of those who are fans, more than a third of fans say they’re avid fans.

But when it comes time for March Madness, fans of all levels are paying attention. Interest rises throughout the year, and by the time the tournament comes around, three-quarters of casual fans say they’re somewhat or very interested. And no surprise, nine in ten avid fans say the same.

For brands that are involved in college basketball, it’s clear that they have the opportunity to reach a broader audience during March Madness, but a more passionate fan base during the regular season.

Have you filled out a bracket? If you’re an avid fan, chances are yes. 83 percent of avid fans fill out a bracket most years, and 45 percent of casual fans do too.

Perhaps we have a chicken-or-egg situation here: does filling out a bracket drive fan interest, or does greater interest during the tournament lead people to want to fill out brackets? If you’re a fan, let us know what you think!

Source: Online survey conducted among 300 adults ages 25-64 using Toluna QuickSurvey

Photo credit: Streeter Lecka/Getty Images via Bleacher Report

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