As we predicted, #WearableTech was one of the most talked about trends at this year’s Interactive Festival. Beyond just “wearing” it, this type of will soon be able to be embedded within items and our bodies, allowing everyday subjects to become responsive and predictive.

, Managing Director of Fjord, a design consultancy, spoke about this emerging technology and how it will transform the way we live. As a former gaming and TV designer, Goodman considers himself a futurist and currently helps brands come up with innovative designs. “Technology has always been one step from the body, but not anymore,” Goodman said, “These devices will soon replace virtually any human activity we can think of.” Google contact lenses are one example of immersive display, though not to the extreme of being implanted within the body, which Goodman mentioned.

Goodman noted that this embeddable tech is an invisible mesh of data that is key to capturing information – whether it’s customizing a consumer’s cup of coffee in the morning based on how much caffeine the person needs to creating personalized experiences in fitness, work, and entertainment.

In addition to virtual changes, Goodman says we can also expect a revolution of functionality, which would affect human psychology and the way we think. In other words, he predicts a future of the extended human, in which this technology will replace motivations and thought control. Hmm… scary or cool?

says the revolution is just beginning. To view the full embeddable presentation from , check it out here!