Julie_Miller_3.1.2011Today is a very special day. And if you have a teenage daughter, read entertainment blogs, follow the trending topics on Twitter, or are secretly listening to “One Less Lonely Girl” on your Pandora station (you know who you are…), you’re aware that it’s ’s 17th .

That’s right. Mr. is growing up, and contrary to popular Internet chatter, he has surpassed one-hit wonder fame and is currently taking over the world.

In my last job as an editor at a teen magazine, my life revolved around who Justin was dating, what pranks he was pulling, and what songs were on his iPod… all very important facts for sure. But coming to Taylor, I’ve been able to focus less on those aspects and more on his ability to market himself as a brand (and guys, he’s doing an amazing job).

My quad neighbor Lizzie Manganiello and I were chatting about his 3D movie last week (yes, I finally found someone in the office who shares my interest in teen pop culture, and yes, I really did wear 3D glasses and sit through the flick). We came to the conclusion that the Justin Bieber phenomenon is something we all can use as inspiration with all accounts, no matter who the audience is. Here’s why:

1. He’s a Social Media Success Story – In Never Say Never, it was said that Justin rose to the top of the charts and gained popularity faster than any other musician (even the Beatles.) That’s because he was the first to really see the effects of being part of the social media generation. He was literally discovered on YouTube, and fans felt connected to him through videos, Twitter convos, etc. This is proof that social media really does work (in case you had any doubts!)

2. He Genuinely Cares About His Fans – There’s a part in the film where he has to go on voice rest and cancel one of his concerts. You can tell how upset he is to disappoint his fans and tweets an apology to them. In fact, he uses Twitter often to communicate with them, following a lucky 108,000 of them and tweeting to some of them personally. He also gives many exclusives to fans before media. Even though brands might not have Justin’s cute looks and crush-worthy swagger, they can still connect and pay tribute to those who love them most.

3. He Believes in His Brand – When Justin first started out, he went and played songs to every radio station, magazine and TV show that would meet with him. He posted videos of himself covering famous artists’ songs on YouTube (and they took note.) He had countless meetings with industry insiders and eventually made friends with some of the most influential people out there. This was a tiring effort on Justin’s part but it worked out in the end. The ultimate lesson? He was passionate about what he was pitching and it worked.

So, you might be saying, “There’s no way a consumer brand promotion will ever see the kind of results Justin Bieber sees.” Maybe you’re right, but just remember the Bieb’s motto: Never Say Never.

What other celebs do you think have marketed themselves well? Let me know in a comment below!