Black Friday Vs Cyber Monday: Where Should Brands Focus?

November  24,  2015 / By Sean Donnelly

Black Friday has cemented itself as a shopping experience unlike any other day of the year. Although the rise of online shopping has caused less and less foot traffic year-over-year, the day still draws huge crowds and will likely continue to do so.

However, it’s sister holiday, Cyber Monday, has stolen some of Black Friday’s draw. Some consumers are opting to stay home on Black Friday and shop all day on Cyber Monday. Overall Black Friday foot traffic dropped last year by 5.2% from 2013.

After years of door-busting Black Friday price drops, consumers are more aware of what is and what isn’t a “deal.” In a Nerd Wallet analysis, 93 percent or retailers advertised the same products for the exact same price as 2013.

Black Friday Vs Cyber Monday: Where Should Brands Focus?

Photo Credit: Forbes

This, however, hasn’t stopped brands from investing in Black Friday. Both retailers and brands will opt to refocus how they target customers to drive sales this year. Most retailers are changing the way they advertise for Black Friday, through targeted email marketing and restructuring deals to accommodate a heavier digital and mobile presence – separate from their Cyber Monday tactics.

While Cyber Monday continued its dominance as the busiest online shopping day of the year, the most interesting aspect of the holidays was the Thanksgiving and Black Friday web and mobile presence. Mobile traffic on Thanksgiving day had accounted for 52.1% of all online traffic, and smartphones drove 34.7% of all Black Friday online traffic. We can expect a continued push on web and mobile platforms to drive online traffic.

Black Friday Vs Cyber Monday: Where Should Brands Focus?

Photo Credit: PFSWeb

Due to the increasing competition, it would be difficult to find a retailer that only drops prices for Black Friday alone. Stores have been opening up their savings to the public a week or two in advance. For example, Target has rolled out the “10 Days of Deals,” beginning on Monday, November 23. Retailers have been forced to spread out their deals to stay competitive.

While the Black Friday experience of camping out in front of stores may not have longevity, bargain deals available to consumers in the month of November will not change. The number of customers staying home to shop online on Black Friday and Cyber Monday will continue to grow, and retail stores will adjust to stay competitive in an increasingly digital holiday season.

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