Well, the time has come to say farewell to my dearly beloved . A phone that has been there with me every step of my professional career (except when I lost it). It has reliably conducted phone interviews for event spokespeople all around the world, it has kept me updated on breaking news stories, and it has made sure I’m on time for meetings and events. I will miss the “qwerty” keyboard that requires me to actually form sentences on my own, and knowing that if I drop it down a few stairs (which happens almost daily) it will be just fine.

But now, it’s time to join the rest of the world in embracing the smartest of the smart phones, the 5. I must admit, I am really impressed with its speed and the number of resourceful apps available (I’ve been especially fond of the Black Friday app!) It’s not that I don’t love Brickbreaker but the range of games makes my bus commute all that much more enjoyable. I am also happy to finally be part of the “in crowd” and make good use of my superior Scrabble skills in Words with Friends challenges.

It’s time to channel my inner geek and take on the fast-paced world. Wish me luck!