So it seems that a slew of non-words have emerged from this year’s and among my favorites (besides FOMO) would have to be . What is choddy, you ask. Well essentially, choddy is shoddy . Clever, huh?

While checking out the sites and sound of Austin, my colleagues and I came across a group of people picketing to “Stop the Choddy” – obviously, we had to know more. We came to learn that for this group of advertisers, choddy was a very specific type of commercial. One where one or more celebrities stand in front of white backgrounds, break the fourth wall and repeat stats or phrases over and over and finish each other’s sentences to get the point across. Something like this.

But when we got to thinking about it, we realized that choddy is not just relegated to advertising. The term can be applied to any idea that is just cookie cutter – anything that’s been done before. And right then and there, we decided that we weren’t going to stand for it anymore! That the next time we saw it, we were going to call it out! Down with choddy!

And we invite you to do the same. No matter what industry you’re in, no matter what your specialty. Don’t let creative die. Don’t let status quo win out. Learn to replicate, not imitate. This week, make it your mission to find ONE example of choddy and think of how you would have done it better. Then come back and tell me all about it.