There’s no question that this is a pretty cool . 7.6 million views don’t lie. As both a content creator and a lifelong New Yorker who has seen just about everything short of flying people in this city, it’s understandable why the video was shared to such a great extent. It’s well shot, well edited and well…it’s got human-shaped RC planes flying around the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge! It’s also smart; it shows exactly how this illusion came to be and the simplicity is profound. But what the video doesn’t do for me is its true purpose – make me go see a movie.

Once you make it to the 2:26 mark of the 2:38 video, you see that freaking out New Yorkers during the making of the video was merely a byproduct of creating a marketing tool for the film “Chronicle.” But this isn’t a trailer and it doesn’t tell me anything about the movie other than presumably the fact that people can fly in the film. Is this mere association enough to drive a potential audience to act?  Not for me.  So while I did enjoy the YouTube link and share it with friends, I did not see the actual movie on the big screen. I can only wonder how many of the other 7,633,031 did.