Citizen | Purposeful Power


Building radical relevance and igniting passion for the Citizen Watch Brand.


Citizen timepieces are created for all citizens of the world. Purposeful power is a new brand platform for Citizen Watches that brings to life the proprietary technology inside each and every watch called Eco-Drive, and unites the brand, product, and consumer around one of the world’s biggest needs— sustainability. Eco-Drive technology harnesses any light to power Citizen watches continuously and sustainably. Purposeful power was created to modernize, motivate and engage a new audience by making Eco-Drive technology tangible and relevant to the modern consumer’s lifestyle. 



Brand Film

The Power of Light is the brand film we created to bring the new platform of Purposeful Power to life. The film showcases how light is a force that illuminates our world, inspires connections, and influences our perceptions. Light gives power to expression, beauty, and awe in the new campaign, and through Eco-Drive technology in every Citizen watch, light also powers time.

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Print Campaign

We also developed a new photography style for the Citizen Watch Brand. In each image the light source, or ‘journey of the light’, is intentional, dramatic and emotive. Light starts in the upper right hand section of the images and cascades down to a gorgeous Citizen watch, feeding it with life and sustainability. The light source also gives depth and dimension to the backgrounds, creating a look and feel that is fresh and modern.