CMO Spotlight: Our Interview With Joe Tripodi, Subway

November  9,  2017 / By Cynthia Ramsaran



We’re proud to introduce the first in a recurring series, the Taylor “CMO Spotlight,” where we interview the world’s leading brand marketers to gain wisdom and insights.


To kick off the series, we sat down with Joe Tripodi, Chief Marketing Officer of Subway, the world’s largest restaurant chain.

One of the most respected and influential CMOs in the last quarter century, Tripodi has been a trusted business associate and Taylor client partner for more than 30 years.


Recently featured in HBR’s “Reflections of a Six-Time CMO,” Tripodi was appointed to the top marketing spot at Mastercard in 1989. Since then, he has served as CMO of Seagrams, the Bank of New York, Coca-Cola, Allstate and Subway. In the video above, Tripodi expands upon his HBR interview, shares what he looks for when recruiting talent, and explains how global brands like Subway use digital marketing to engage consumers worldwide. He says brands should listen to what consumers are saying on social platforms:

“It’s really important to have a social media strategy that not only reflects your brand and your presence on those platforms but it is also important to listen to what those consumers are saying about you”

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