Confessions of a Marketing Mom: The World’s Biggest Influencer

May  7,  2018 / By Cynthia Ramsaran

This weekend we celebrate the world’s biggest influencer: Mom.

The upcoming holiday always stirs up memories from my childhood, and of course of my son, JJ.

A year ago, we were sitting in the kitchen. I asked JJ to spell certain words by sounding them out, with my help.


Me: How do you spell Cat?
JJ: C-A-T, Cat.

Me: How do you spell Dad?
JJ: D-A-D, Dad.

Me: How do you spell Mom?
JJ: L-O-V-E…


When I asked him how he decided that was the spelling for mom, he said, that’s how he feels when he thinks about “mom.” Now I’ve written about the influence mothers have on nostalgia marketing, but with Mother’s Day right around the corner, marketers should take note that primary caregivers, mostly a demographic made up of women, are the biggest influencers in consumer marketing.

Mothers have become so influential, there has been a big uptick in moms looking to mom bloggers for product recommendations and parenting tips.


The infographic below illustrates how women, particularly mothers, influence household spending, and how products are marketed and sold:




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