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We believe in always doing what is right for our employees and our client partners. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical and moral standards.


Excellence in how we operate our Agency and how we service our client partners is the standard by which all of us are measured. We exceed our expectations every day.


Respect is the hallmark of all great companies and is the cornerstone of the way we conduct our business.


Enthusiasm for our business, excitement for delivering outstanding results and building meaningful relationships with our client partners to help bring our vision to life for every individual at Taylor.


Creativity and innovation are integral to the way we run our business and the way we service our clients. Exceeding expectations, delivering outstanding results, winning new business all depend on our ability to look beyond the obvious, strive for new ideas and fresh thinking.


Passionate people need the freedom to lead their clients, make decisions, and accept responsibility and to take prudent risks to exceed client expectations. They need the opportunity to succeed. They also need the knowledge and the experience of others to enable them to succeed. Training, skills development, mentoring and coaching are some of the tools that are crucial to our combined success and we are committed to providing those tools.


True teamwork begins with respect for each other and a passion for our discipline. Enhancing teamwork with a culture where colleagues enjoy professional development, valued differences and the means to move themselves, their colleagues and their client partners to a higher level.

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