Although COVID has made it difficult to share our love for others, we have found some creative ways to get together by using social media platforms and other approaches to get in touch with people who are special to us.


During the pandemic, it is important that we stay connected to each other. We have become creative in the ways we show and care for each other. Sharing stories is important and inspiring for everyone, so the care can continue to spread. We sent out a survey to some of our Taylor colleagues and we got answers about how they spent their Valentine’s Days and how they shared kindness with others. We received interesting responses from Liz Zaita, in New York City, who is the Operations Manager at Taylor; Mayra in Charlotte, North Carolina, in Office Services; and Jordyn Edwards in Indianapolis, Indiana, who is the Assistant Account Executive.




We asked each colleague how they planned to celebrate Valentine’s Day during Covid and here’s what they had to say:


Liz had terrific at-home plans and supported local businesses:

“I plan to cook my boyfriend a surprise V-Day brunch, he is taking me to a surprise dinner place in Astoria, and we are going to eat all the Tubby’s vegan cookies we were gifted from HR.”


Mayra shared her fun Mexican Valentine’s traditions with us:

“We always celebrate Valentine’s Day! In Mexico, Valentine’s Day is called “día del amor y la amistad” which means, “day of love and friendship” so I have tried to share that tradition (celebrating friendship) at the center of our celebration. This year, since we are staying apart because we love each other so much, we have sent all of my daughters’ cousins and friends Valentine’s Day cards, and her closest friends/cousins got Skip-It’s (or the Amazon version of them)!”


Jordyn also had delightful at-home plans for Valentine’s Day that included her significant other (s.o.) and friends to really share the kindness:

“I do have at-home plans to celebrate Valentine’s Day with my s.o. including dinner and a sip + paint night. Earlier this month, I did celebrate Galentine’s with a small, covid-friendly dinner and gift exchange.”


Our colleagues didn’t just share their love and kindness with people they live with, they spread kindness out into their family and community circles to give to others in a special way. We asked what they have done during Covid for others to help share kindness.


Liz helped her busy brother and sister-in-law in a creative way to entertain her two active nephews:

“One thing I’ve done is given my nephews dinosaur classes via zoom, because my brother and sister-in-law were going insane working full time and also with their 2- and 4-year old home all day. What is… sleep?”


Mayra brings herself and others joy by sharing her kindness with those around her:

“Making/Delivering food/cookies/cards. Food and cookies always make people feel better, and what beats a hand-made, kid-colored, glitter bomb? (That’s right, nothing!)”


Jordyn is helping keep her grandparents safe and healthy during the pandemic:

“During covid, I have done a lot of grocery shopping for my grandparents to keep them indoors as much as possible.”


Our colleagues rock the Cupid Covid Kindness with the people they care about and in ways to spread kindness to others. What is their favorite part of Valentine’s Day?



“The best part is that we are granted a reminder and the space to spend a whole day being grateful for the wonderful people in our lives, and showing that with words and actions as much as possible.”



“This year, it has been figuring out how to celebrate safely while still showing those we love how much we care for them.”



“Showering my friends and immediate family with love, reminding them of how important they are to me and how much (I) cherish our relationships.”


Thank you Liz, Mayra, and Jordyn for sharing your Cupid Covid Kindness stories with us.

We hope you have enjoyed our Cupid Covid Kindness blog and that it inspires you to share your kindness with others, not just on Valentine’s Day, but all year long.