Taylor Charlotte Celebrates the Dog Days of Summer

July  12,  2011 / By Kelly Greenawalt

Two weeks ago, the Taylor Charlotte office joined the ranks of Google, Amazon and various other high-profile companies by opening its doors to our four-legged friends – even if it was only for a day.

Nine of us packed up our pups’ treats, beds and water bowls before heading into the office that Friday morning with our (mostly) well-behaved dogs to celebrate national Take Your Dog to Work Day and give a pet-friendly work environment a try for the first time in Taylor history.

Also on the agenda – testing out a report from The Economist that claims dogs improve office productivity and highlights a study conducted by Central Michigan University, which found that dogs can, “foster greater employee trust and collaboration in the workplace,” and also serve as stress relievers during hectic workdays.

The results of our own study were better than anticipated. Was there some barking? Of course. Were there a couple of accidents? Sure. But overall the day was a success, with many of us cranking away on work while our dogs slept at our feet, or in some cases – behind our computer monitors. The fun-filled day gave all of us an opportunity to see another side of our colleagues and proved that our dogs really do reflect our personalities.

As for the highlight of the day? That would have to be the terrified look on the FedEx delivery man’s face when he opened the door to find nine dogs looking up at him expectantly.

I know that myself and a lot of fellow pet owners would love to see the national holiday become a longstanding Taylor tradition and are already looking forward to celebrating next year!

Photo Credit: Kelly Greenawalt

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