Dating – For Those Who Love Deals

March  29,  2011 / By Taylor Blog


We all know a deal is one of the hottest ways to promote your product, brand, website, etc. Seriously, who can resist a good discount for something they need or really want? A simple coupon code has been a tried and true method for as long as I can remember (flashback to my childhood scouring the Sunday newspapers for toy and junk food coupons, convincing my mom that it was a deal that couldn’t be passed up.) Today, sites like Groupon and LivingSocial are changing consumers’ behavior by enticing them with timed deals (“2 days and 7 hours left to buy a New York City boat tour for $13? Sign me up even though I had no plans whatsoever to go on a boat anytime soon!”)

These timed deals are currently all the rage, and marketers are quickly adapting this idea to any and all sorts of products, including dates. Yes, that’s right—French dating site eDealDuJour features a different single man every day, and the “deal” is that you can see his video interview (which looks intriguing, however I don’t understand the language…) and contact him for free. Once the 24-hour deal runs out, you have to pay to get all of that. Pretty genius, right? Once a user is hooked on her daily deal – er, guy – she’s got to pay up to keep up  the momentum.

Have you seen any other unique Groupon-style deals out there? What kind of deal do you think they’ll come up with next?

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