Two weeks ago, Taylor hosted a panel as part of New York about social media influencers, called Influence 3.0.

During the Q&A portion of the panel, an audience member brought up the need and challenge of educating senior executives about not only social media influencers, but about social media in general.  The day after the event, I came across a great question on Twitter from a panel attendee – @Tina_Yip – asking how we at Taylor approach the challenge.  As much as I love Twitter, the question seemed a bit too big for a mere 140 characters, so I’m addressing it here instead!

We think educating clients about the overall digital and social media space has to begin with ourselves.  How can we be effective brand counselors and provide recommendations without knowing ourselves?  While I think we can all agree the concept of a “social media expert” is absurd – how can you be an expert in something that changes so much?! – we are constantly reading, learning and challenging each other to expand our knowledge.

This, by no means, ends with Taylor’s Digital Strategy team.  Everyone is encouraged to read, share articles and discuss how new platforms and technologies apply to our clients and even our own business.  In addition, on a bi-weekly basis we host Digital Strategy Roundtable sessions, when we take a deeper dive into these topics.

partner then takes many forms.  Every email, every phone call and every meeting is an important opportunity both for us to learn more about the brand’s goals, needs and the roadblocks standing in the way.  It’s also an opportunity to discuss how digital and social media strategies and tactics can address those goals, needs and what we can do to breakdown roadblocks together.

In some cases, education takes a more formal form, with professional development courses.  While the details of these courses are proprietary for Taylor, I can note that each is developed to be extremely targeted to a specific organization.  Sessions address relevant platforms and technologies in a way that’s tailored to the organization’s unique market, customer segment, objectives and challenges.

@Tina_Yip, I hope that answered your question!  If you have any others, you know how to reach us.

And if you’re curious how our panelists tackled the question of education, check out the event replay at www.ustream.tv/taylorstrategy.