About a month ago, our lives instantly changed. Many things that we took for granted were no longer available to us and we’ve had to adapt. For example, salons and barbershops, that were always buzzing with excitement, have now gone silent due to indefinite closures. Consistencies in our look, and our image, have started to shift. Now, we have a break from our regular image, and we are able to ask the question—do we want to change, or stay the same? In doing so, we are beginning to dabble with the unknown, and trying something new with our hair, by cutting it completely off, dying it a different color, or letting it grow out. 


As someone who is completely in love with anything and everything about my natural hair, I wanted to write this piece to encourage anyone who is sitting at home contemplating change through their hair, to embrace your individual beauty. Even though we are getting used to the idea of social distancing and the effects that come with it, there are still personal beauties to be found in this time period. This is a time for us to explore, indulge in creation, and be carefree. Though I am nowhere close to being a licensed hair professional, I hope these tips and pieces of advice from some of my Taylor colleagues encourage you to embrace your quarantine hair journey. 

Celeste Fields' quarantine hair
Celeste Fields


Fall in Love with the Process


I have always had thick, curly hair. As consistent as my love for my hair has been, my hair has not been the same. If I did not have an issue with dryness, I had breakage or heat damage. As I experimented with different products, both brand name and DIY, I began to form a better picture of not only how I wanted my hair to look, but how I wanted it to feel and perform. Now, I understand more about both showing off my curl pattern, and keeping my hair moisturized and shiny. I have a long way to go, but I am happy I have committed to the process.


Treat Your Body Like a Plant 


What most people don’t realize is that your hair is just like a plant. In order for a plant to grow it needs water, sunlight, and probably a whole bunch of other stuff. However, those are the two main ingredients. 


Whatever you put inside your body is reflected on the outside as well. Consistently eating healthy, taking vitamins, and drinking water feeds your hair. Most people (myself included) always wonder why their hair may be breaking off or feel dry. Nine times out of 10, those issues can be traced back to nutrition. This is a fantastic time to work on building our nutritional habits. By eating a lot of fruits and vegetables daily, and reminding ourselves to drink at least a gallon of water a day, we should see better results with our skin, nails, and hair.


Get Creative at Home


This is the best time to get creative. Social distancing has given us the luxury of trying new styles, new hair colors, and new cuts, without worrying about the opinions of others. Have a box of hair dye sitting in your bathroom? Open it up and use it! Want to try different hair/beard styles? Get your shaver and begin shaving. Embrace creativity, and do not be afraid to fail. You never know what you may end up liking, or what you can do, until you try. At the end of the day, you will be more knowledgeable, and more brave, because of your small leap of faith.


“Self-care has been part of my regimen way before our work from home mandate, fortunately! I’ve been shaving my own head and beard since my senior year in high school (going to a barber with no job = no fun). I learned real quick I needed to be frugal, while also realizing there was a pleasure I derived from trimming, shaving, and cutting my own hair—experimenting with going from a mustache to beard to a goatee. My approach to caring for my hair and myself during this time is no different any other time for me: add love.”  – Joel Daniels


 “I buzzed off my hair earlier this week because I’m using quarantine to try something new.”  – Stephanie Michael


Kyle's quarantine style
Kyle Berube
Stephanie's quarantine buzz
Stephanie Michael


Support Your Salon/Barber


“I normally outsource my hair and beard care to my barber, so now that I can’t go there I’ve had to tackle it myself. I still keep sending money to my barber because when you find a good barber in NYC they are like family to you, and we should treat our family well at a time like this.”  – Kyle Berube


While you are at home trying new looks, consider supporting your favorite salon or barbershop. Just like Kyle mentioned, when you find a good stylist you should show empathy and treat them like family. 


Hair’s to Your New Journey!


Take this time to explore and try a new hair journey. If you’ve ever thought about seeing what you would look like with short hair, try experimenting and trimming it down. Way down. If you’ve ever wondered how long you can get your beard to grow, step away from the scissors, and try that new look out! Make the leap, and embrace your quarantine hair journey.