It’s that time of the year again. The time when everyone gets to see the players they selected in their fantasy draft start accumulating points for them. In the weeks (and months for some people) after the draft, you can find yourself contemplating (and even regretting); should I have taken Drew Brees or Aaron Rodgers, or even Tom Brady? So I ask myself, what is it about fantasy football that keeps me addicted? Some say it’s the nice payouts while others might say it keeps them interested in teams outside of New York, but I personally think it’s more of the satisfaction of knowing that your pigskin wisdom is far superior to your friends. The feeling that you own the knowledge and you are better than the other players in the league. The feeling of being a champion.

Something that all fans have to constantly deal with while playing is the hypocritical complex of rooting for their hometown team in the midst of advocating for the optimum performances of their own fantasy players who might be on the opposing team. For example, I have DeMarco Murray of the Dallas Cowboys; but I am a huge New York Giants fan, what a tough break opening night was. Every big run by Murray was so bitter sweet. In my opinion, you have to stay true to your hometown team and forget the fantasy players. I found myself screaming at the television, “Take him down now!”

Here at Taylor, fantasy sports fanatics are a pivotal opportunity for a majority of our clients. We are consistently trying to reach the sports savvy demographic. For some clients, our audience consists of sports enthusiasts, itching for the latest and greatest apps in the fantasy world. These days, fans are truly optimizing all of their digital outlets as a way to discuss and research information about their players. Consumers are driving fantasy football chatter all over the hubs we use every day – and in real time. It’s also definitely a great way to stay connected with friends. I always drop my college housemates a line with some trash talk prior to a matchup.

To showcase this digital lifestyle integration amongst sports fans, consumers can even be found congregating about their teams and players over Hangouts. They seek information about their teams from Fantasy Guru’s, friends and anyone looking to chat about the game. The Google Hangouts platform allows the fan to participate in discussions about just about anything. Every fans absolute satisfaction is gaining the intellect on their teams and having that competitive edge on the upcoming matchup with their opponents. Google Hangouts makes this possible by being able to share a discussion with people who know the game. Within my communities, I normally read up about whom to start or sit that current week.

Lastly, I think that it would be really advantageous for teams if their players would interact with the people who drafted them via social media. I think that it would drive a lot of impression numbers with the amount of people that participate. If you could potentially state, “Adrian Peterson, can you please score 2 or more touchdowns this week for me?” and have Peterson respond to fans via the Vikings Google Hangouts page that he will try to do it, it gives the fan the feeling that Peterson is thanking them for the selection, and will try to help out their squad. With the amount of participants that would post messages to the teams Hangout accounts, the players could choose a few messages to respond to a week!

Image: FantasyKnuckleheads