[Facebook Actually (Part 2)]

If you’ve been following my little three part mini-series, you already know what social network holds a special place in my heart. If you haven’t – well you probably read the title of this post and figured it out. But it’s true. My love for has grown exponentially with my growing knowledge and understanding of social marketing. I am in firm agreement that no one is a “social media guru” (and those who claim to be usually have a lower than average understanding of the space and a penchant for hearing themselves talk). I just would say that I “get” Facebook.

Credit: cliftonhatfield.com

I get their rules and bylaws.

I get their logic behind aesthetic changes (because Facebook doesn’t just make changes for the sake of changes – there’s always a greater purpose).

I get what makes a community tick.

I get what a brand hopes to get out of being in the space.

I get Facebook.

But just like with any good relationship, I have to constantly work on it. Just like in those rocky years not so long ago, I’m still digging and reading and going to panels (although now I feel a lot less lost and a lot more like I could lead them).

It’s about staying on the cutting edge and then pushing yourself to try and think past it.

It’s about more than just getting fans (likers, ick) or likes or comments. It’s about creating an environment for your consumer that is a representation of what you are as a brand. It’s a place where content is king but context is the kingdom. It is the word-on-page equivalent of a brandtopia.

…or maybe that’s just what Facebook and this whole crazy world of social media is to me.

But at the end of the day, I’m just a girl, standing in front of a social network, asking it to love her.