announced that it’s looking to turn into a content curator with the launch of its new app – Paper. will not replace the Facebook app, but rather serve as an alternative for users who like to check their Facebook for reading topics such as tech, sports, and cooking, in addition to checking out their friends’ updates.

Behind-the-scenes, algorithms and human editors pull together a variety of content from big-name publications and lesser-known blogs to curate the content posted within the feed. The app also allows you to pick and choose your own content and share stories to your Facebook, which can be seen or picked up other Paper users.

With its customizability and gesture-responsive features, some many consider it a better user-experience version of the Facebook app. For those who look to Facebook more more current events and news, I see this as a big plus for Facebook to go beyond “social networking” and evolve into a news curator.

Have you tried Paper?