Financial Services


Across the consumer brand space, our best-in-class expertise in brand planning and digital strategy are among the key factors that define how “We’re Built Differently.”



Taylor’s experience in the consumer financial services sector spans nearly 30 years and includes global brands such as Capital One, Mastercard, and T. Rowe Price. Our expertise encompasses payment products (e.g. credit, debit and rewards cards), card acceptance, financial literacy and education, e-payments and e-commerce and our award-winning work with global sponsorship activations have been instrumental in helping client partners grow brand awareness and usage, leverage brand equity, and build trust around new products and services.


For more than a decade, Taylor also has been entrenched in the personal insurance industry. Our long-standing relationship with category leader Allstate has included the development of public relations and social media strategies, often to leverage sports and entertainment platforms, targeted to core insurance customers and specialized markets (such as Hispanic consumers), brand positioning and building brand preference in a crowded marketplace for products ranging from home and auto to motorcycle.

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