Five Technology Trends for the Future

January  31,  2014 / By Brianna Kauffman

Earlier this month, Brianna Kauffman and Michael Dolan traveled to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show on behalf of Taylor to scope out broad trends and individual pieces of technology that will ultimately impact consumer brands, whether it be in 2014 or over the next few years.  After spending three days in conference sessions and on the floor, here are the top five things you should know about:

  • Retro is back in a big way, and these physical objects designed with a vintage feel are giving consumers the level of comfort they need to embrace new technology.
  • The things around us are getting smarter so that consumers will have the ability to customize most aspects of their lives and, in certain cases, have the technology learn their behavior to do it for them, from the cars we drive to the appliances in our kitchens.
  • Real-time fitness monitoring is now able to enhance performance and encourage continued activity, for both professional athletes and everyday active consumers.
  • 3D printing is becoming mainstream, enabling innovation and creativity, while also raising significant IP concerns.
  • Technology is allowing traditionally flat surfaces to become interactive, greatly expanding connection points in consumers’ daily lives.

Overall, how we connect consumers with brand content at the right time in the right place is going to continue to improve as touch points expand. Using technology to help tell a brand’s story and amplify a brand’s values is truly the opportunity coming out of CES 2014.

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