Here at Taylor, we do a lot of fun stuff as an agency. From tailgates to zip lining to bowling nights, there’s always a picnic or potluck on the schedule. In short, we like each other and we like to hang out together. It’s what makes work fun and what makes us different. Recently was no exception as  we were able to go to the Foo Fighters with the Allstate team.

After two hours of opening bands, Foo Fighters took the stage and ripped it. Four songs in, they let everyone know it was going to be a LONG, LOUD night – and let me tell you, it was. They aren’t one of those bands that play for an hour and go home. They wanted us to get our money’s worth and they rocked out for three hours.

Lead singer Dave Grohl is incredible. He is all over the place – stage left, stage right, running through the crowd – all the while playing lead guitar and never missing a note. Impressive? Totally. I don’t know how he did that for three hours having done a show the night before! Even more impressive were the stage effects – the lights, the smoke – they were different for every song. The designer in me kicked in, thinking, “Man, how long did it take to design lights and screens to match the theme of each song and time it all out flawlessly… and I wonder how many times they had to redo it until they got an approval.”

Every song they played made me say, “Oh man! I forgot how much I LOVE this song!” It really brought me back. The one song I really wanted to hear was “Best of You.” It’s by far my favorite Foo Fighters song, so I was disappointed when they “ended” the show without playing it. I knew they would do an encore – after all, they promised us a three-hour show – so I patiently waited, and I’m glad I did.

Grohl came out solo and took to a smaller stage that rose from the crowd in the center of the arena and started an acoustic set. Now don’t get me wrong, the first set was great. But I love a guy with just his guitar so this really made my night. And then it happened… he sang my song. I probably looked like a giddy schoolgirl when started in singing, “I’ve got another confession to make…” and I screamed, “This is my FAVORITE SONG!” It was awesome to hear this song acoustically. I mean, I have the CD, I already know what it sounds like with the band, so it was refreshing to hear it like this. Real and raw and amazing.

My night was complete. Good friends, great and a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Thank you, Allstate team, for the great night out. Check out our concert photos!