I remember my hesitation to join Foursquare when it first came out. “Why do people need to know where I am?” “Is this opening myself up to crazy stalker situations?” etc., etc. But, I finally gave in (as I always do to ) and quickly began checking in, having competitions for points and mayorships, and even started unlocking deals for discount codes at stores and free drinks at restaurants. But my real shining moment with the location-based service? What I like to call, “The time saved the day!”

I was coming back from a weekend trip from Philadelphia and got to the bus station only to find a line of people that by far exceeded the Porta Potty line at a beer festival (yes, it was that long.) Come to find out, the busses were backed up, so even those with reservations a few hours before mine hadn’t even boarded yet. And the biggest rumor flying through the line? My bus wasn’t coming for a few more hours. At that point, the sky started to drizzle rain. And all I wanted to do was be home.

In the midst of my anxiety and boredom in the line, I opened up my Foursquare app on my phone to check in to the longest line ever. That’s when I saw that my coworker Maeve had checked in somewhere in Philadelphia a few minutes before. So, I texted her: “I know this sounds super creepy, but I saw that you checked into Philly on 4sq. Are you by chance driving back tonight?” She responded almost immediately. “Yes. Leaving soon. Why?” I called her and told her my not-ideal situation at the bus stop and asked her if she was anywhere close. In the spirit of my lucky day, she was! Only five minutes or so, and she drove to me, swooped me up in her red car, and we were on our way back to NY.

“Thank goodness we both decided to check in on Foursquare at that moment,” I said as we drove back, passing the busses that were probably hours delayed. I couldn’t have imagined what I would have done had Maeve — and of course Foursquare — not saved the day!