From Fashion to Function – Where Will Glass Go Next?

September  4,  2013 / By Brianna Kauffman

Uses for Google Glass have been popping up all over the news – from the world of fashion to the operating.  This Fall Fashion Week, Marie Claire Creative Director Nina Garcia will be wearing Google Glass, giving Marie Claire followers a front row seat to the top shows of the season, as well as visibility into what one of the most influential women in fashion deems worthy of sharing in the moment. Followers have already gotten a few sneak peaks of the type of content that Nina will share through her Glass – most notably a preview of the September issue.

But Glass is not just for the fashionable – it could actually change how doctors work in the operating room.  Using Glass to access information during a procedure such as a patient’s medical history or pre-surgery scans can enable faster, more informed decisions to be made in situations.  It could also revolutionize how doctors spend their time outside of the OR, dramatically reducing time spent on cataloging and paperwork.

While Glass has not entered into the mainstream, we can expect to see more potential uses, and benefits, for the tool as early adopters continue to test the boundaries of the technology.  As marketers, it is a very exciting prospect – for example, many high end retailers use mobile to provide personalized shopping experiences to their valued consumers, connecting them to their favorite sales associates, pulling past purchase history to guide new selections and more. With Glass, this whole process would be enhanced – it could recognize a consumer and access that data without an intermediary step, making Glass the ultimate customer service tool.

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