#GettngSlizzerd: How Red Cross’ Hoot Suite #Fail Became a Charitable Win

February  17,  2011 / By Taylor Blog

A couple of days ago, Red Cross’ social media specialist made the mistake that all digital marketers dread – forgetting to toggle from the brand’s Twitter account back to your personal Twitter account. The result?  An ode to #gettngslizzerd broadcasted to the 260K+ followers of an organization devoted to disaster relief.

What a disaster, right? Well, not exactly. Red Cross showed that they are prepared to handle any disaster, be it natural or digital. By responding promptly, transparently and wittily, they minimized the damage from any digital aftershocks.

Not only did they salvage their Twitter cred, but they also received a flood of donations — initiated by the smallish craft beer brand who I assume felt indebted to the org by inadvertently being promoted to over a quarter of a million people.

And the pièce de résistance? Hoot Suite, the very platform that enabled this near-disaster, donated to the cause.

The moral of the story: be nimble, be transparent, don’t take things so seriously and #everybodywins 😉

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