recently announced its advertising partnership with comScore, one of the largest Internet analytic companies, to attract more big brands to place digital on its server.

’s technology – Validated Campaign Essentials (or VCE) will be combined with Google’s DoubleClick ad business to provide real-time tracking and targeting for advertisers. The deal is part of a larger push to persuade brands, which typically invest more dollars in ads because of the measurement validation comScore provides, to spend online.  Now with this same VCE technology in place for digital ads and two large names behind the deal, brands may be more willing to reallocate big dollars or invest TV-sized budgets in digital ads given their familiarity with comScore’s measurement and ability to track ROI in real-time.

Currently, brands are spending at least $300 billion a year in , which includes digital, TV, and offline ads. As the need for brands to have “on-the-minute” data becomes more vital and as more communities continue to flock online, we can expect a transition of digital ad dollars spent.

Where do you think brands should invest?