There are some campaigns that I love because they’re smart, innovative, and fun… clear winners in my book. And then there are those that give me a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Those are the ones that leave the biggest impact on me and create long-lasting brand loyalty.

One that caught my attention recently is Honda’s “We’re Fans of You Too” campaign. When the motor company reached 1 million on a few weeks ago, they created a photo album that sent some love back to the fans who showed their loyalty on the page. One fan had shared a picture of his lawn that he had mowed the Honda logo into, so the company decided to trick out their headquarters’ lawn with the fan’s name.  Another fan had posted a picture of his Honda tattoo, so naturally the VP of Marketing at got an airbrush tattoo of the fan’s picture and wore it around proudly. My favorite was one of Honda’s littlest fans named Luke who was captured wearing an “I love my Honda” shirt. The digital marketing team made tees with his picture on them that said “I love Luke.”

This not only celebrated the fact that Honda received 1 million fans on Facebook (a great achievement), but it created some buzz about the milestone in a unique way. Plus, how exciting to be one of the fans called out in the album. It makes your loyalty to a brand so much stronger when you know that they hear and see your comments and photos that you take the time to post.

I’m not only a fan of the campaign, but a loyal fan of the company. Allow me to take a quick trip down memory lane: My first car was an Accord hand-me-down from my dad. The year escapes me (probably because I forgot it on purpose—meaning, it was really old. But at least it got me to school!) And when I finally got my first new car, there was no question of where to go, and I walked away from the Honda dealership with a silver Civic.

I only wish I still had the picture of myself decorating my dashboard with my bobble hula girl (huge trend at the time, I promise!) It would have been pretty cool to have the CEO of Honda decorate his car with a bobble head of me… just saying!

What other brands have you seen go above and beyond when it comes to rewarding fan loyalty?

Photo Credit: Honda Facebook page