My parents moved to Pennsylvania years before I was born. So people ask me constantly, why are you a huge New York Giants fan? Well, it is because of my father.

From an early age, I was taught to love sports. More importantly, I was taught to love the New York Yankees and the New York Giants. My mother grew up in Edison, NJ and my father in South Orange, NJ. They attended Seton Hall University where they met and got married in the chapel on campus. Yes, what a love story.

Then they moved to a suburb of Philadelphia to pursue a job opportunity for my dad and the rest is history. They become comfortable, settled in nicely, ended up loving the area and decided to raise their family there.

I have lived in Eagles Country for my whole life (we moved into my house when I was nine months old) but I have always bled blue. So right now, I am beyond thrilled, excited, ecstatic, and every other word that is enthusiastic, because the team I have grown up with and loved for so many years are Champions for the second time in four years.

The last time they won, I was in college attending my parents’ alma mater, Seton Hall, where I skipped my classes for the day and went into the city for the celebratory parade. Sorry, Mom and Dad but it was totally worth it! This time, I have a “big girl job,” am living on my own in Hoboken and have much different priorities. Oh how times have changed…

As I sit in my desk fresh off the victory in Indianapolis, I remember something that my father has said to me since I was young that not only applies in this instance but is pertinent in many other areas in my life: Stand up for what YOU believe in because sometimes being different isn’t so bad after all…sometimes it’s greater than you ever would have thought.