Over the past few months life has truly changed more than we have ever imagined, and with that change has come a lot of suffering. Millions of people have been left without jobs and without basic necessities like food, water and shelter. With everything going on, it has caused me to reflect immensely. Giving to others has always been something that has inspired me and granted me a feeling of purpose. There are so many individuals and communities that need help, and there are so many of us who have the ability to help them.


One of my favorite ways to give back is through my nonprofit Marketboxx. I founded this organization on the value of supporting economically disadvantaged college students who experience food insecurity, poverty and adversity. Over this past year, we have been able to feed over 150 people and counting. College students have found comfort in our boxes of food with basic necessities to get them through the struggles that come along with being in school. The impact that can be made from doing a simple deed can move people in a positive direction and benefit them in the long run.



Just like me, Nysah Warren, former Account Executive recognizes the impact of giving back to others. During her younger years, she traveled to Haiti to teach vacation bible school with the organization Beyond All Boundaries International and serve in a medical clinic in Haiti. 




Nysah continues to give back through community service activities. As a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., service is one of the four founding principles, so it is extremely important to her and all members to ensure that they give back to and uplift the communities and spaces they inhabit. Nysah has always felt called to serve the community, and being in Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., surrounded by a network of like-minded women, inspires her even further to continue in her work.


“Giving back is important to me because I believe I wouldn’t be where I am without others giving back to me. It is important to always pay it forward and try to help others as you never know someone’s circumstances. Whether it be holding the door for someone on the way into the office or organizing a clothes drive, you never know the impact you’ll make on someone by giving back.”



Nysah volunteering with Wheelchair basketball and sitting volleyball with athletes with disabilities in the Hampton Roads community with the organization Incluzions, which seeks to remove negative connotations associated with ‘disabilities’ through adaptive sports.


With the uncertainties of the world, it is always important to truly take the time to think about others, and act in their interest. Oftentimes, we become so deeply distracted with everything we each have going on that we don’t take a second to think about the individuals who have circumstances worse than us. Whether it be something extremely small or something huge, lending a hand to someone not only makes a difference for them, but it can provide them the tenacity to want to make a difference for other people as well. When you have time to yourself, just take a second and think, Who Would I Be If Someone Didn’t Help Me?