Over the past few weeks, Instagram has introduced new features that could change how brands, influencers and marketers alike use their platform. These increased offerings seem to serve as a tell-tale sign that Instagram is aiming to appeal more to influencers, creators and advertisers.

The three are heavily intertwined, as influencer marketing through sponsored video content has become a main focus of the industry, with brands paying influencers and creators to make fun videos that feature their product and share with their massive audiences.

Instagram Adds New Features: Video View Counts, Multiple Accounts

Video View Counts

Most recently, Instagram introduced their video count feature, which allows users to see how many times people have watched their videos. The view count will appear underneath videos where before you previously saw likes. Likes won’t be disappearing, however, as you will still be able to see likes by tapping views.

Instagram will register a view each time any video has been watched for at least 3 seconds – identical to Facebook’s approach. The company will begin testing view counts with some users before rolling out the feature to everyone over the coming weeks. So if you haven’t seen it in your feed yet, hang tight and make sure your app is up to date.

This addition is revolutionary for the platform, as it allows for more useful analytics and the ability to evaluate the performance of video content on the platform – something previously very difficult to measure.

Linking Multiple Accounts

Introduced a few weeks ago, this addition to Instagram was an answer to all Community Managers’ prayers. As Social Media Strategists, we often have multiple accounts to manage, making the process of logging out and logging in incredibly time consuming. Once you add a new account you can switch accounts two ways, by clicking the profile name on your profile page or holding the picture at the bottom right hand corner. Instagram now supports adding up to five accounts.

These may be small changes in the eyes of normal users, but for social media strategists and community managers, they are a giant leap in making Instagram a more viable marketing platform.