Last week, Instagram launched a new feature that now supports videos on its interface. This latest update lets users create 15 second clips to share with their followers. With 13 filters and editing capabilities, may have positioned itself as a force in the -sharing space. Outside influencers have even gone so far as to express their belief that this update will put an end to the already popular video sharing app, .

Differentiating factors between the two video-sharing social networks do exist. For one, Instagram offers user’s 15 seconds of non-looping video compared to Vine’s six seconds of looping content. More importantly, Instagram has editing capabilities that Vine doesn’t, the ability to delete pieces of the video and the option to add one of its signature filters to your videos.

So what does this mean for the two apps? For one, since Instagram gained 130 million users and 16 billion photo shares from its photo capabilities, video sharing may not be a desired feature for everyone. Despite the value this feature provides, time will only tell if this evolution will work for both brands and consumers. Plus, the key to Vine is their integration with Twitter (short, quick format) which may allow for two video-sharing powerhouses to co-exist.

The question now for Digital becomes what does this latest upgrade mean for brands? Since Instagram videos are longer, the window of opportunity to make an impact is extended; but brands need to consider the average attention span of someone on their mobile device and ensure their content is both highly relevant and engaging. Naturally, the strategy for a 15-second video should differ from a 6-second version.

My thoughts are these two can coexist. There’s a lot of room in the space for them to maintain separate identities and be used appropriately. “Vine is like fast food, while Instagram video is more like eating in a nicer restaurant,” said Ovum analyst Jan Dawson. Regardless, it’ll be interesting to see what features Vine comes out with to combat Instagram encroaching in their space. Let the best content win.