Before Google+ and the recently retired Google Buzz entered the social media scene, there was , launched by Google in 2004.  It never really took off in the U.S., but was (and still is) popular in India and Brazil.  Though can’t yet enter the Chinese social media landscape (as discussed in my last post), they are very much a force in these other key markets.  In fact, in August 2010, Facebook overtook Orkut in terms of users in India.

And perhaps more noteably, the same happened in Brazil in August.  According to a Forbes article, “In August alone, Facebook registered 2.1 million new users.  On the other hand, Orkut registered no growth in July and August.”  The article goes on to note that this isn’t an isolated inicident but rather a trend – Facebook is growing, Orkut is bleeding users.

Analysts in the same piece speculate that Google should walk away from Orkut and focus on Google+.  Having spent some time on the Orkut, I have to agree.  As I mentioned in a prior post, Google has made it no secret they are focusing their efforts on key growth areas.  TBD if Google+ will be a true competitor to Facebook, there’s no doubt it has a better chance than Orkut.  Though it has some neat concepts, it felt very clunky to me – especially compared to the new (and awesome) Facebook timeline.

Have you ever spent time on Orkut?   How do you think it compares to Google+ and Facebook?