The energy in the theater was palpable. Each talk inspirational. Even more, conversations amongst complete strangers empowered one another to think differently and act on that newfound knowledge.



TEDWomen 2019: Bold + Brilliant convened earlier this month in Palm Springs, CA, with over 1,000 “dangerous women” and a few brave men, like Taylor’s own Joel Daniels. Joel, copywriter and storyteller on Taylor’s creative team, gave his TEDTalk during the session “Taboo Breakers,” focusing on co-parenting. He challenged those in the room to consider both the sacrifices involved in parenting and how responsibilities can be shared, rejecting the stereotypes of traditional roles in fatherhood or motherhood.


“It is work. Beautifully hard work. Dismantling the systems that would have us believe a woman’s role is in the kitchen tending to all things domestic, while the hapless dad fumbles over himself whenever he has to spend a weekend alone with the kids. It is work that needs to happen. Now.”


At Taylor, this concept resonates across our team: an agency comprised of a diverse group of individuals, many of them parents. Even for those of us who may not “parent” in the traditional sense, showing up as support to our Taylor family is a top priority as we work to create innovative campaigns for our client partners. After all, at Taylor, we are shapers of influence.


Joel & Kait at TEDWomen 2019