Circle of Life….

Since my last posting there has been a host of events happening personally and in current events.  The untimely death of Superstar (Whitney Houston), the emerging of a potentially great basketball player (Jeremy Lin) & the birth of Brian Manning’s precious little girl – Riley. The common thread here is that they are all life changing experiences for someone.

Whether we are “Eating Fresh” – “Letting Out” or “Embracing the Moment” as we create these brilliant ideas for our client partners – we must remember to do the same for ourselves. As our company culture works towards enhancing the work life balance – we can work hard and do not forget to play hard and embrace the moments.

So, as we continue to move brands forward because we are built differently – we all are experiencing our own individual life’s journeys but I ask you to remember this – be true to yourself, never be too busy to enjoy a sunset from the best location in New York City and most of all remember to enjoy YOUR journey.