…knew then what I know now!

This is a classic statement. I would like to share some of what I have learned from time to time in hopes that these words of wisdom will be helpful to someone.

Business Etiquette, we spend a lot of time and energy on extending proper etiquette to our clients. However, in the big picture we should extend this same level of etiquette to all areas of our lives.

Business Etiquette, is described in many ways but the bottom line is that there is a basic level of respect that should be extended to everyone – regardless of any personal issues and is basicly considered the social guidelines & manners to be followed in business situations when dealing with others.

I was fortunate to grasp this theory early in my working career.  In my experience, I have watched colleagues of various management levels, NOT exercise this theory and unfortunately have lived to regret it by losing clients, respect from colleagues and a host of other unfortunate setbacks.

Fortunately, by being a  firm believer in this, I have received one of the biggest recommendations I have ever obtained from a colleague that I “personally” did not like. However, I understood this theory in conjunction with good old fashion “karma” and it worked to my advantage.

So, for today’s post – please remember Business Etiquette is the professional way to go!!