Leaving the Herd: How I have remained a fan despite leaving my state

December  6,  2010 / By Taylor Blog

Credit: Razorbloggers.net

Credit: Razorbloggers.net

It wasn’t difficult becoming a Razorbacks fan having grown up virtually all my life in Arkansas. With no major professional teams in the state, the University serves as the keynote topic around water coolers statewide.

Practically everyone has an opinion of which plays we should call, the receivers Ryan Mallett should target against zone defenses and the type of treatment the injured player should undergo…so many experts.

My fan experience has changed drastically after leaving Arkansas following my college graduation a few years ago. Where I was accustomed to getting my fix through fan chatter around town, I now rely on Facebook and other social media to stay connected to the Hogs and its fan base.

Take for instance our last game of the regular season against LSU. After the big win, I wanted to share the excitement with my fellow fans, so I headed to Facebook. In addition to finding my friends’ reactions to the game, fan pages were blowing up with opinions and bowl projections. Within a matter of minutes, there were hundreds of comments and thumbs up indicators. I was in Hog Heaven.

In ways I find it easier to display my Arkansas fanhood, despite no longer sharing the time zone. Thanks, Facebook.

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