Today I came across a MarketingCharts ‘chart of the day’ from Harris Interactive highlighting the leading smartphone and computer activities among smartphone users.

Overall, their analysis of the data is very straightforward – there are clear differences in the key activities, and it’s not surprising that emailing is the most regular activity across either device.  However, what is most notable is just how much information is being consumed through a regularly. Beyond playing games and texting, half (or more) of consumers with a smartphone are:

Undoubtedly, over the past few years, the percentage of consumers engaging in these activities has grown as exponentially as the numbers of smartphone owners.

Earlier this year, Forrester predicted more than one billion consumers will own a smartphone by 2016,  As Ted Schadler, a principal analyst at Forrester and an author of the study  said well “ is the new face of engagement, … Businesses should stop thinking about it as a small Web site on a tiny computer, and start thinking about mobile as being deeply embedded systems of engagement. That turns out to have huge implications.”

As we continue to see growth of smartphone adoption and as these devices become more and more integral and vital in consumers’ lives, mobile will become the critical channel for marketers to find ways to integrate and engage seamlessly within the lifestyle of their target.