There is nothing better than watching your child succeed. That’s how I feel. I am certain of it. I am certain of it. Please do not try to convince me otherwise. Personal success is obviously very important to me, but I would trade everything and do anything if it meant my would have their wishes come true.

See the below picture. My son, Jake (7), is the child slightly off center to the left. Notice his feet. Saying he is happy is an understatement. I captured this moment (side note: best photo I have taken in my life) after his Little League team won the South Charlotte Rookie Machine Pitch championship game. Jake was a major contributor to the team’s success. He worked so hard to be a consistent hitter this year. I watched him fall in love with baseball this Spring.

When I put him to bed that night, I told him how proud I was of him and we talked about how


pays off. He thanked me for helping him this season. He told me he loved me very, very much. I know he slept like a true champion that night. When I left his room, I jumped even higher than he did. Only wish someone took a picture of me doing it.