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Let's face it: historically, Super Bowl ads have been geared toward male viewers, often depicting 'manly' things or portraying women in stereotypical fashions. Our Taylor team, armed with a deep understanding of passionate female sports fans, stepped in to help the world's most iconic beauty brand, Olay, flip the script for its first-ever Super Bowl ad -- rewriting the male-dominated narrative of the day by making women the real stars. The fully-integrated campaign, developed by Taylor and our Olay agency partners, was designed to reinforce the brand's primary message -- that women should be fearless, confident, and unapologetically true to themselves. Taylor’s efforts engaged consumers through high-impact coverage with Good Morning America, People, USA Today and more. Additionally, the ad generated more than 16 million views on YouTube. When all was said and done, the campaign had earned over 4 billion impressions and left the lasting idea that every woman should feel confident and empowered with #KillerSkin.